One month ago, I attended a block party in West Philly that was an unofficial Obama event. I interviewed an East African Musician named Samba Mapangala as he prepared to record a song about Obama and what he meant to Africans. Here is that interview

Well, Samba has released his track, and it sounds beautiful. It even made the Vulture blog at NY Magazine.

Listen to the track right here.

Download this and hear other Obama tunes at

More info on the release announcement and all the artists involved

Samba Mapangala, East Africa’s most beloved singer, recognizing how much Africans love Barack Obama and how proud Kenyans are of Obama’s Presidential candidacy, has just released a song in his honor: “Obama Ubari Kiwe.”

Recorded in Chicago in September at Delmark Studio and produced by Nathaniel Braddock of the Occidental Brothers and Old Town School of Folk Music, the title translates as “Obama Be Blessed.” The Swahili lyrics say: Obama, leadership is a gift from God, and you have it. Please help to bring peace, change and hope to all Americans and all the world. We love you!

A dance remix and video will be available shortly. Please send this song to everyone in your address book to help boost Obama’s campaign! Election Day is just 35 days away!

Musicians on the session were members of Virunga and the Occidental Brothers:
Siama Matuzungidi, Nathaniel Braddock, Jose Shalita, guitars
Rap written and performed by Fanaka Ngede
Voices: Samba Mapangala, Cheryl Kramer, Jose Shalita, D Boudreaux
Saxophone: Greg Ward
Trumpet: Marques Carrol
Bass: Ali Msafiri Mgawe
Drums: Paul Steuber
Percussion: D Boudreaux

Engineer: Eric Butkus
Recorded at Delmark Studio, Chicago

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