Netroots Nation auction
is in the home stretch, and as a board member I want to ask for your help to close it out strong. This auction helps to support the work Netroots Nation is doing all year long, and helps to keep registration fees as low as possible. I know y’all are broke and there are actually some great deals happening down at the auction where you save cash money $$$ while getting some stuff you really want. Deep down.

If you’re looking to attend in style in Pittsburgh you really can’t beat the price of this suite at the Omni, they also have one at the Westin (attached to the convention center). If you’re planning to go to DC during inauguration you’ve probably learned about the skyrocketing prices for hotel rooms that week, this stay at the Grand Hyatt + air fare for 2 starts becoming a huge deal.

Outside of those bigger ticket items, what about braggin’ rights? The annual pub quiz is a great time each year and the organizer has put up a pretty unique item for auction. You can get two categories of the quiz 24 hours in advance so you have plenty of time to cram and take your team to victory.

But with the holidays right around the corner let’s look at the hidden values. Anyone out there interested in bling AKA jewelry design shouldn’t pass up this steal of a deal. And speaking of more bling per buck there are a lot of items in that category that don’t have bids yet.

Finally, check out all of these photos: there are two of Fightin’ Joe Biden that are signed. It’s an historic moment – how often do you get a chance to get something signed by our future VP? Could be a better investment than anything on the stock market at any rate!

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