Grandpa McCain and his alleged C.O.T.S

Another story from the “You Can’t Make This Shyt UP” category.  Remember the telecommunication lobbyist linked to McCain, Vicky Iseman? (The Field Negro has had a “Missing” poster up for a few weeks, wondering where homegirl was.)

After going missing since February, she’s resurfaced, and her first comment sounds suspiciously like Bill Clinton’s “I did not have sex with that woman” statement.  Hat tip again to John Aravosis at AmericaBlog:

A female telecommunications lobbyist who became part of an explosive story early this year about John McCain has broken months of silence to deny the main subtext of the account — that she was suspected of being romantically involved with the Republican presidential candidate. “I did not have a sexual relationship with Senator McCain,” Vicky Iseman told the National Journal magazine.

John accurately points out the BS he’s smelling.  Here’s his take on it:

Vicky Iseman has been missing for six months. She hasn’t been in the news. Everyone has forgotten about her. She now appears, out of the blue, in a National Journal story, and gives an on-the-record interview denying, in quotes, that she had a “sexual relationship” with John McCain. Huh? That isn’t something you just do out of the blue. You don’t go public and give an interview about a possible sex scandal, less than three weeks before the election, after everyone has already forgotten about the sex scandal. It just doesn’t make sense.

Neither does it make sense for the Secret Service to refuse to do its job in allowing reporters to do theirs, especially when covering this election.  Death threats to Obama go uninvestigated because they’re too busy keeping reporters away from Sarah Palin and John McCain, because one of them might have asked about Vicky Iseman and catch McCain flatfooted and generally being a cranky ol’ bastard in explosion mode.

At this point, I’m wondering is there any other shyt to come out of the McCain camp to either distract us, or make us too damned certain and confident of an Obama victory, only to have it snatched and stolen like the last two elections?

The price of our freedom is ETERNAL VIGILANCE.  We can’t wait for the MSM to do its job; therefore, we bloggers have to continue doing it, no matter how much they sneer at us.  We have gone down a shame spiral when the National Enquirer has officially become the vanguard of the 4th Estate.

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