Lehman Brothers employee vs. Greedy CEO?  I’ll Take the Employee for $200, Alex.

I received this little nugget in my inbox, and thought “This is what people really wish they could do” when they see the CEO of Lehman Bros. get grilled by Congress on that nice parachute he’s floating out on ($50 Million and counting), and goes to the gym:

It seems anxiety from the financial crisis is reaching new highs, but the tipping point for one individual came at the Lehman Brothers gym in the midst of the company’s collapse.

While former Lehman CEO Richard Fuld was testifying before the House Oversight Committee Oct. 6, CNBC reported he had been punched in the face at the Lehman Brothers gym after it was announced the firm was going bankrupt. CNBC and Vanity Fair contributor Vicki Ward said Fuld was attacked at the gym on a Sunday following the bankruptcy.

“Frankly, I sat there and listened and I’m with the guy who apparently, the day before Barclays announced they were coming in and Lehman had already filed for bankruptcy, went over to him in the gym and punched him because that’s how I feel when I, you know, when I watched that,” Ward said on the Oct. 6 “Power Lunch.” “I didn’t think he was contrite at all, I thought he was arrogant.”

People losing almost $2 trillion dollars of retirement money and may have to work a few years longer than they want because of the greed of CEOs on Wall Street and No Accountability or Oversight from Congress to put them in check?  De-regulating everything in sight caused this mess.  If your retirement money was gambled with, and without your permission, you’d punch the CEO in the face, too, if you got access to him.  And from this account, it sounds like, maybe, it was a Lehman Bros., employee who punched Fuld in the face in the Lehman Bros. gym.  My reasoning indicates that only a Lehman Bros. employee would have access to the Lehman Bros. gym, wouldn’t they?

I’m not saying it’s right….but I understand.

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