Read the following and chime in with your comments.  For the last few days, John Aravosis over at Americablog, has been infering that’s the case, and what’s more, he’s brought in some doctors who gave their observations, but qualified those observations of the crotchety ol bastard not as a full fledged diagnosis of a medical problem, like former Senator Bill Frist did in medically evaluating Terri Schiavo by videotape.  Here’s a few of the observations:

No one really knows the extent of McCain’s melanoma problems. What I do know is that of the more common cancers, melanoma and pancreatic cancer are the two most frightening to have. I do not personally know of a single case of melanoma that has survived more than a few years that was not apparently localized at the time of excision. McCain has had “four” surgeries for his cancer, so it would seem that it has spread. Why else would he have had follow up surgery? AND WE HAVE NOT A CLUE AS TO WHAT OTHER TREATMENT MODALITIES HE HAS BEEN SUBJECTED TO.

I think it is quite possible that amongst other areas of spread, he could have brain metastases and this could account for the neurological events we have witnessed. If such be the case…

I can not be absolutely certain of his condition as, not only have I never met the man, I have never seen his medical records, but neither has anyone else.

Okay, that’s the opinion of one doctor who responded to Aravosis’ inquiry, since as Aravosis points out, the media has had no access to McCain’s medical records, so speculation and asking for medical opinions based on what can been seen, are all that’s left to the blogsphere.  Today, that “herbal supplement” that McCain’s alleged to be on, well, now, it’s being verified that he’s on it and that it’s used to halt the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.  Far worse, the man who’s confirming that McCain’s on the stuff is an ex-NFL player who’s also was tied up with the BALCO steroid mess, Bill Romanowski:

Campaign reps for Sen. John McCain obtained an herbal supplement touted to enhance memory and keep energy levels up for the candidate before his joust with Sen. Barack Obama, a source tells us. Four-time Super Bowl champ Bill Romanowski, whose company Nutrition53 produces the capsule Neuro1, said: “I won’t confirm or deny that Sen. McCain is using our product, but it’s phenomenal for any person with stress and an overwhelming travel schedule.”

But then, Romo confirms that McCain’s on his shyt:

PILL THRILL: Former Broncos bruiser Bill Romanowski wouldn’t dish to the New York Daily News earlier this week when the newspaper reported that Republican presidential candidate John McCain was taking Romo’s Neuro1 herbal supplement to keep his memory sharp and his energy levels up. But the former linebacker talked to me.

“John McCain is taking my Neuro1 to stay sharp,” Romo told me Thursday. “He was really sharp for the debate (against Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama) last week. For anyone with that level of stress and that travel schedule (Neuro1) is really helpful.”

For you NFL fans, I need to tell you I can’t stand Bill Romanowski, because he punched a teammate in the face during a ‘roid rage when he played for the Oakland Raiders, and cost a young second-year player named Marcus Williams his career when the punch literally and physically damaged him.  Romo’s punishment was a one-day suspension from the team by then-coach Bill Shanahan, who was later fired by Al Davis because the League had to step in and take action.

Romo and his wife were also investigated for prescription drug fraud, in addition to his involvement with BALCO, the lab that hooked a few MLB players on ‘roids – an investigation that led all the way to Capitol Hill.

In one of the posts, I joked about McCain probably needing to be on steroids, but dayum, I didn’t realize how close I was with that joke.  Be sure to read the label and what this “supplement” is used for, and ask yourself why McCain doesn’t want to disclose his medical records, but Barack Obama not only had to produce his full medical history, he also had to produce his birth certificate to prove his status as an AMERICAN CITIZEN.

While this doesn’t excuse McCain’s simply being a crochety, mean, ol’ bastard, it sure explains why he’s not being forthright and giving straight-talk about his medical condition; and that is all the more frightening, because if he’s that sick, he’s committed two acts of TREASON – the first in running for the candidacy, and the second was to put a racist Barbie doll a heartbeat away from the White House, who could actually ascend because he may very well be more ill than anyone realizes or imagined.

Jack, can we start the Double Standards Wiki NOW?

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