Y’all know who “Jeff Gannon is, don’t you? In case you don’t remember, he was the fake White House reporter whose sideline occupation was, ahem, “servicing” some of DC’s finest politicos.Don’t make me spell it out, okay? Sometimes the occasional pre-teen reads this blog, too, and while we’re at best, PG-rated, we’re not trying for an R-rating unless Samuel L. Jackson starts blogging here. LOL.

So, I’m channel surfing this morning, and I come across “Good Morning, America” and who is showcased and interviewed by Diane Sawyer? None other than “Joe the Plumber” himself. I’m looking at his picture and thinking, “Who does this guy remind me of? Shyt! Jeff Gannon!”

Here’s a picture of “Joe the Plumber”:

Joe Wurzelbacher, or as Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain dubbed him during Wednesday's presidential debate, 'Joe The Pumber', laughs while chatting with the press outside of his home in Holland, Ohio, Thursday Oct. 16, 2008. Wurzelbacher was cited by the GOP presidential candidate as an example of someone who wants to buy a plumbing business but would be hurt by Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama's tax plans. Wurzelbacher said he was surprised that his name was mentioned so many other times.

And, here’s Jeff Gannon:


I report: YOU DECIDE. LOL.

I only bring this up because it turns out that Joe doesn’t have a license to operate as a plumber these days. He says because he works for a small firm, he doesn’t need a license; but I thought that certain professions, like plumbing, even though you may work for someone else, you needed certifications or licenses to indicate you’re qualified and training to perform high-level skilled labor.

I also bring this up because the way McCain was going on about Joe The Plumber last night, I had the impression that Joe was a small business owner being squeezed by the current economic mess. Now, I’m beginning to think Joe the Plumber was nothing more than an operative plant for the McCain camp to throw Obama off his game during the debates last night.

Just like “Jeff Gannon” was a pseudonym for one Jim Guckert, a well-known male prostitute perpetrating like a legit reporter who was really a propagandist for the Bush Administration; “Joe The Plumber” is reviving my memories of Jeff Gannon. Especially since McCain seized on him like flies on shyt all night long.

I’m pointing out hypocracy here, which is all that seems to flow from the McCain camp these days like a backed up toilet, and it smells like a dead fish whose head has started to rot. And just like the blogsphere ferreted out the real Jim Guckert, maybe we can do the same for “Joe The Plumber”. One thing, though; “Joe” is actually the guy’s name, so he has that much more going for him than Jeff Gannon did.

And, if Joe gets upset that his business is being put in the street like it is, he has John McCain to thank for the exposure.

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