When I was having issues with Barack Obama, I finally came to the conclusion that my vote for him was for two people:

My mother – born in Jim Crow Mississippi
And my great-niece, pictured above, all of 6 months.

Well, today, she went with her mother, grandmother, and great-aunt, to vote today. We decided to go vote early, and then went to dinner. Mama was the topic of conversation. I am a political junkie because both my parents were.

I will one day tell her the story of how we took her with us as we cast our ballots for Barack Obama. And, we weren’t the only ones with children today.

I’ll be spending part of my weekend at the Senior Citizens complex with my cousin, whose 105 year old grandmother will be one of those filling out her absentee ballot.

If you can vote early, please do so. If you know Seniors who would like to vote, volunteer to take them.

Make every vote count.

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Early voting in Cobb: Not a single black voter abandoned the long line
Tuesday, October 14, 2008, 02:38 PM
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Just cast an early vote in Cobb County. Only took one hour, forty-five minutes — exactly three weeks before Election Day.

A long line folded itself three times in a relatively hot October sun, shortly before lunch-time. Perhaps a dozen people couldn’t stick it out — they left before getting to the front of the line.

Every one of those who gave up the effort was white. Once in, not a single African-American walked away while I was there. If voter fatigue becomes a factor over the next three weeks, and on Election Day itself, one has to wonder if Republicans are more likely to lose out than Democrats.


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