We’ve got just over a week to raise $5000 for Barack Obama. Better believe that he needs it.

You guys have astonished us. It’s proof that Black people can do more than vote to show we are strong and powerful beyond expections. Here’s some of your comments while Bringin’ It for Barack:

It’s not a spending spree at Neiman-Marcus, but I’m doing what I can.
You betcha!
Admiral Komack

Dear JJP,
Its not much, but I had to do something. I haven’t donated in weeks because the new job pays less..BUT I finally had to donate to your page because you guys are SO SPOT ON…time and time again. And funny as hell. Will keep reading after election. I promise,
Mary Ann K.

God Bless Obama-Biden
God Bless JJP for your leadership!!  :>) – GreenLadyHere

Let’s do this. Thanks for the thermometer! – Erica Nash-Thomas

Erica — I’m with you. Let’s do this.

Thank you for what you’ve done so far. Please open your wallet and give a brother $10 and a little help.

The best things you can do to get Barack Obama elected are:

  1. Vote early. You and I know that the GOP has some voter suppression tricks up their sleeve. Get one step ahead of them. Beat ’em at their own game and go to the polls before they have a chance to stop you on Nov. 4. Google is helping people find their polling places for free.
  2. Give $$$ to Obama’s campaign. Without us, there is no Barack Obama. Send him your love and your energy in the form of a little green.
  3. Put up your own thermometer. We’ve gotten a lot of requests on how to do this. You need to sign up for a free account at http://my.barackobama.com and then click on the Fundraise button (top right) to get started. Here’s a 6 min screencast from the Obama campaign to walk you through it.
  4. Vote on election day if you can’t vote early and take someone to the polls with you.
  5. Take your video camera or use the camera on your phone to Video the Vote, courtesy of YouTube & PBS. We need documentation of things going down wrong at the polls now and election day.

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