Though, uh, perhaps not in the way the Klan and old Confederate sympathizers had in mind. Aw sooky sooky now! From Ben Smith over at Politico:

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported recently on disproportionate
early voting among African-Americans. Georgia doesn’t appear to be in
play in the presidential election, but it tracks early votes
contemporaneously (and online), so it may be a useful bellwether for
what’s happening elsewhere.

If it is, the news continues to be extremely good for Obama. Early
vote totals have now reached 499,582 — about 75,000 more than were
cast early in all of 2004. (The state is also newly encouraging early
voting this year, so that’s a major factor.)

And the ratio of African-American voters remains extremely high: 37%
of the early votes were cast by black voters, who make up just 29% of
the state’s electorate.

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