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The Obama Campaign has a new website up that is tracking The McCain Campaign’s use of robocalls, direct mail and anything else that they can use to smear Senator Obama. The website is called Under the Radar: Revealing the hidden attacks of the McCain Campaign and its partners
Election Progress:

If you receive on of these calls or mailings, you can report it here on this site. I consider this to be a good, proactive response. By spelling it out on the American map, you can SEE THE PATTERN of the McCain Campaign.

New notice on attempted Voter Suppression out of New Mexico. Now, they have Private Investigators, going to the homes of Latino voters, intimidating them. Questioning their right to vote.

From TPM:

I don’t know if these two stories have anything to do with the recent reports that the NM Republican Party has raised twice as much money as their Democratic counterparts over the past three months, or that their largest donor ($115,000) has been a Texas woman with ties to the “Swift Boat” ads from 2004, but I thought I’d throw everything out there for all to see.

No harm in that…get as much information out there as possible.

More info from TPM.com (who has really been on the case). Did New Mexico GOP Lawyer Hire P.I. To Intimidate Minority Voters?

Great Michelle Obama in Ohio Video:

And though we’ve had the Obama Tax Cut Calculator on JJP for awhile, here’s a new ad from the Obama Campaign about it:

Obama has his first lead in a poll from GEORGIA.

In endorsements for Obama, he got 2 prominent Republicans today: Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld, and Charles Fried, Reagan Solicitor General and professor at Harvard Law School- an actual McCain Adviser.

And, of course, we now have confirmation – the attack in PA was a HOAX.

Drop those links. Engage in debate. Give us trivia and gossip too.

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