Good evening.

Happy Halloween!

This is the final fundraising push. Please go to Bring it for Barack-Jack and Jill Politics, to make a donation.

The bottom line for politics is:

This is the final weekend. This is the where the rubber meets the road. If WE get the Obama voters out – WE WIN. This will be won or lost in the ground game. And that ground game needs bodie. It needs YOU. So, go to, and see where you and your body is needed on any day from now until November 4th.

Right now, what matters is phonebanking, canvassing, poll watching, boots on the ground, driving people to the polls. THAT is what matters. This campaign has come a long way since February 10, 2007 – I doubt many of us ever thought it would get this far; only in our wildest dreams.

But, the moment is here. You are needed.

This is an Open Thread.

Drop those links. Engage in debate. Give us trivia and gossip too.

And continue to have a peaceful day.

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