He signed off on transition papers.  Via the Associated Press:

WASHINGTON (AP) — A piece of paper that President Bush signed Thursday helps ease his way out of the White House when his term ends and clears the way for his successor.

For seven years and nearly nine months has signed virtually every memo or order or piece of legislation imaginable. He even vetoed a few bills, but the directive he put his name on Thursday was one that few talk very much about. Basically, it’s the executive order that turns the keys to the White House over to whomever is elected president on Nov. 4.

A little publicized truth is that Washington can’t wait until inauguration day next Jan. 20 to figure out the details of a transition to a new presidency. Both Barack Obama and John McCain already have designated officials to oversee such a transition once the outcome of the election is known. The transition team of the winning candidate will set up procedures for selecting key personnel and making policy decisions in the 11 weeks between the new president takes office.

Although it’s an Executive Order, and not an actual piece of irrefutable legislation, nonetheless, the eight-year nightmare that has been the Bush Administration indicates coming to a much-awaited end.  Yet, I can’t help but mention that just like every other failed business venture that Bush has put his hands on, he’s leaving it in craptacular fashion and a God-awful mess for someone else to clean up.  That has been his M.O. for most of his adult life.  Why should that change NOW?

Besides, what other President can you name that when you do a “Google” Search, the following came up?

Par for the course, I’d say.  But for those who were fearing that this President would invoke martial law, you have to read “Bush on the Couch” by Dr. Justin Frank.  The book’s insights would let you know that far from trying to be a long term “dictator”, Bush has the attention span of a seven year old, and the way he hollered in the 2004 Town Hall Debate about how being President was “hard work”, should indicated that he couldn’t wait to get the Hell out of Dodge.

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