So I did a show tonight with other political comics in NYC, and one of the conservative acts just got under my skin. After the show was over, I just lost it and screamed on dude. I can’t take arguments about McCain’s honor when he and Palin are sponsoring dangerous hate rallies, and Obama and his family are out there risking their lives every day, straining security forces and not complaining about it.

McCain, the tough guy who “knows how to win a war” complains about media coverage. Obama gets threatened daily, and doesn’t say a thing.

Anyway, I was still reverberating from my post-show tirade when a friend instant messaged me the following.

my father
a registered REPUBLICAN
who donated to McCain’s campaign earlier this year
and received a souvenir faux autographed portrait
and who has not voted for a Democrat since 1984
just told me
that he is voting
wait for it…

My rich white Republican executive father WHO JUST A COUPLE YEARS AGO DONATED TO RICK F***ING SANTORUM
(I am not kidding)
and who THIS VERY YEAR donated to Mr. John McCain
finally decided
this very week
that he’s going to vote for Obama.
It was Palin who pushed him over the edge.

Thank you. (see the video below the jump)

Then, I got this badass video in my inbox. It’s a music video by Big Hit Buda and shot mostly in Chicago. I’m used to some pretty weak hip hop about Obama, but this track sounds good and is full of information. I urge you all to blast this while canvassing, get it into the field offices and try to convince Obama’s advance team to use it at events.

Nicely done:

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