From black bloggers, that is. The clip above is from Hughley’s show featuring one of the players from the Dave Chappelle show as “Freddie Mack”. Yes, it’s plenty offensive, racist and worst of all, unfunny as hell. Here’s Diary of a Content Black Woman:

Could it be that CNN may have made a mistake in its most recent partnership with controversial comedian D.L. Hughley in its weekend premier of D.L. Hughley Breaks the News? It’s possible. Less than 48 hours after the airing of the controversial program, one can barely find any reference to D.L. Hughley’s CNN show on the CNN web site (especially the fictional Black character doing a parody of “Freddie Mack”).

Objecting to the program, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Finance Professor out of Syracuse University and founder of sites the CNN program starring D.L. Hughley as one he “simply cannot forgive.”

“The idea that this seasoned comedian [D.L. Hughley] would leverage his Blackness in such a degrading way simply made me wonder why he never developed greater range as a performer,” says Dr. Watkins in his latest commentary D.L. Hughley’s Def (and Dumb) Comedy Jam on CNN.

Has anyone seen Chocolate News on Comedy Central yet with David Alan Grier? I plan to watch it though I have been dreading it. The clips on the site are kinda funny though. Here’s one about Ashley Todd, the woman who claimed a black man beat her and carved a “B” in her face.Here’s my favorite where Grier just goes OFF on Rush Limbaugh’s criticizing Colin Powell’s Obama endorsement:

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