When you use a stereotype to play to for political gain, sometimes, the people you’re targeting are smarter than you think.

The National Rifle Association came calling at Consol coal mine in West Virginia, complete with camera crew, intending to interview the miners that worked for Consol, and thought that because these guys were West Virginia miners, they would be eager to jump on the Straight-Talk-Bullshyt-No Talk-Express driven by John McCain.  They thought that the miners were the group of “Guns, God, Gays (Anti) and Second Amendment” that would be eager to say all kinds of shyt about Senator Barack Obama and how they weren’t going to vote for him.  They thought they would capture it on camera, and perhaps, give the McCain/Palin camp new ideas for campaign ads.

They got GAMED.  From Crooks & Liars, via West Virginia TV Station WBOK:

BLACKSVILLE  — Coal production at a mine in Monongalia County came to a halt today when every union miner stayed home, as part of a political protest.

It was an idle day Monday at the Blacksville #2 Mine.

More than 440 workers who are members of the United Mine Workers of America took what’s called a Memorial Day instead of going to work.

Union officials say they took the day to protest after a film crew from the National Rifle Assocation showed up at the Consol mine last week to interview union workers.

They say the crew tried to get union coal miners to speak out against Barak Obama.

The UMWA has endorsed the democratic presidential nominee. (Emphasis mine)

Oh, them UPPITY Coal Miners.  And with all the cheddar the NRA has pulled in over the years, you would think someone would have done their homework and learned that the Mine Workers Union had already endorsed Obama before going to the workplace and essentially getting punked:

“This was a surprise visit,” explained VP Local 1702, Safety Chairman Eric Greathouse, “and a lot of the miners felt this was a direct slap in the face of the union because they were trying to coerce our people into saying things against Barack Obama.”

Keep in mind that West Virginia is a traditionally Red State.  It has also gotten a bad rap over the years, having spawned the likes of Lynndie England, and a hillbilly family that kidnapped a sista, held her hostage, and treated her like a dog.

My thinking is that these West Virginia Coal Miners woke up when that mine collapsed in Utah last year, and because of deregulation and a penny-pinching Owner who donated enough cheddar to the ReThugs to earn status as a Bush Ranger, these union workers said “Hell to the Naw!” on supporting anything Republican.

That includes Johnah McPalin.

So, if you indulge in any kind of alcoholic beverage today (I’m going to Busboys to watch the tragedy that is the VP debate) why not raise a glass of whatever you drink in honor of these miners, for voting their best interests and demonstrating their interests transcends the race of who gets, and who’s able to do the job.

In transcending the obvious, these Miners united on behalf of their best interests…and their DIGNITY.

What if the rest of America did the same thing?

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