I’m here phonebanking for Obama here in San Francisco. We’ve been calling Nevada, New Mexico, Jewish Americans and Iowa. Wine helps — I brought over a great bottle of barbera and we’re on our second bottle of the award-winning and ultra-delicious Pedroncelli port. The My BO Neighbor to Neighbor
system makes it easy to call people. It gives you 25 people at a time to call. It’s actually fun to call random people and encourage them to vote early.

Shabbir, our party’s host, has helped 2 early voters were in Iowa find their polling places. I asked my friend Shabbir Safdar, 15 year veteran of online advocacy and poker player extraordinaire, why he decided to hold a pizza and phone bank party to help get Barack Obama elected. You can listen to him rap to you why he’s invited his friends to come call people we don’t know on a Thurs night. Ultimately, it’s just people talking to other people — people who care about America talking to people who may or may not have voted in the last election. It only takes a nudge to let people know their vote is important. You don’t have to throw a party though. You can do this from home between commercials.

Shabbir, his wife Sarah and friends are also headed to Reno, Nevada to get out the vote. The MyBO system makes this easy too.

So hey — have a phone bank party. It’s easy — just add wine, pizza, salad, My.BarackObama.com and stir. If you know you don’t have time to call folks, spend the money you’d spend on long distance on a quick donation. Obama needs you. And your $$$ jacksons $$$. Thanks to all those who have donated so far. We’re over the $1000 mark! Help us smash through $2000!!!

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