Obama wins hands down according to NBC, FOX, CNN, CBS and so on. Though my mama wasn’t impressed – they just say the same things over and over, she says. As for me, I found it strange that no questions about immigration or women’s rights (such as equal pay, abortion, childcare, morning after pill, etc) have been mentioned in the past few debates. Is this due to some kind of agreement between the campaigns? Has immigration really slipped in our national priorities? Hispanic voters is critical so it seems…curious.

McCain was wheezing and struggling to maintain coherency during the debate. Must not have gotten his nap and applesauce in the afternoon. He also managed to be disdainful and disrespectful to Obama, calling him “that one”, which raises my hackles and sounded a little too near “boy” for my taste. I’m also told that McCain was reluctant to shake Obama’s hand after the debate but CNN weirdly blocked the view at that moment, choosing to focus on Brokaw so I didn’t see that. Here’s the “That One” clip:

Obama managed to get in a few zingers this time and came out strong and swinging. He’s usually all Mahalo, Aloha, One Love so it was clear that McCain wasn’t expecting a strong offense AND defense from Obama. I liked his answers on Darfur & Pakistan (he pronounced it correctly which obviously means he’s a terrorist!) and I agree with Obama that healthcare is a right. Healthcare has become a human rights issue in America — John McCain doesn’t get that. I really loved Obama’s closing remarks – John McCain had no real comeback on personal experience with food stamps. Here’s that clip with Barack keepin’ it real:

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