The Next President…of the San Francisco 49ers? Maybe…

If true, homegirl’s next job will be in the NFL. Via Crowd Media:

Rice could be a perfect candidate to become the 49ers president, helping the team try to procure the new stadium they desperately need.

One high-ranking 49ers official said last week, “If she’s interested in talking to us, I’m interested in talking to her.” Rice has told friends as recently as last week she would love to become president of an NFL team.

Even better, she is planning to return in January to Stanford, where she served as provost from 1993 to 1999. The two sides were trying to connect over the weekend, and both sides think the issue is worth exploring.

Looks like 2009 could be historical on both the political front (an African-American is sworn in as the Nation’s 45th POTUS) and the sporting front as a sista becomes the first female, African-American President of an NFL team.

And let’s face it, the San Francisco 49ers have been the garbage bin of the NFL since the Front Office decided to get rid of coach Steve Mariucci for no reason AT ALL, and kicked the fabulous Jerry Rice to the curb before he was ready to retire.

What I want to know is why she didn’t go to the Oakland Raiders?  Guess they’re too gangsta for her, and Al Davis won’t even let his coaches run shyt, let alone a female, African-American team President running thangs.

I just thought I’d post this because some of y’all admire Condi – while I respect her, and have long heard rumors that she planned to return to Stanford University after her time in the Bush Administration (where she can proceed to keep more ethnic students out of admission), I can’t forgive her for co-signing on the treachery which has been the Bush Administration, and speaking up when she believes it’s now safe.  Even Colin Powell has taken a stand and endorsed Obama for POTUS – she’s still silent.

I’d like to see if she takes the job as an NFL president, will she finally be HER OWN WOMAN?

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