Because, time after time, while the Grand Old Party can talk a good game about inclusion, their walking their talk is a whole ‘nother matter.  One of JJP’s readers, Belle, is to get the hat tip for posting this in the Daily Thread, but after reading the article, I thought it should be front-paged, with excerpts:

The GOP has proven to Blacks that it is a color-blind party. Every time I go to their offices I rarely see people of color. So they are either color-blind or just blind to people of color.

This colorblindness is so pervasive that when Blacks are pondering a run for office these same GOP committees recommend their White friends as their campaign managers, finance directors, media firms, etc. Why do they never recommend Blacks? The party is truly color blind.

And, here’s the Money Quote:

Most Black Republicans have no credibility within our community because they seem weak and afraid to challenge the party’s leaders. We are accused of saying whatever we think the party wants us to say.

The real deal is that the GOP want Black Activists to be nothing more than Slave-Catchers.  This article indicates that Blacks are not a monolithic group in either political party – that we’re more than capable of independent thinking and we don’t always possess a sheep-herd mentality.  Have you ever engaged in debate with a Black Republican?  Most of them argue party talking points, and not their own opinions.  And, then, when you hear their talking points as defense, if you’re like me, you ask the question “Do you know HOW LAME YOU SOUND?”

I put a beat-down on one of my ReThug friends back when Bush was busy stealing elections, and I didn’t say much to administer the beat down.  For every talking point, I kept asking, “Why do they think that?” and I asked that one question so many times, my friend said to me, “Leutisha, I’m not sure where they’re going with this, but I have to support it because I’m a Republican, and George Bush is a Christian. He’ll restore honor to the White House and bring Jesus into the Government.”

Yikes!  Haven’t seen or talked to my friend in a while because she doesn’t want to own up to voting for a man who has royally effed up the country.  She only voted for him because he was a “Christian”. Even when I’ve asked her about her vote, now she don’t want to talk about it.  I’m a Christian as well, but I fully support the separation of Church and State for the simple reason that I don’t want the government telling me how to worship, of if I should worship.  Our government is in the shythole it’s in because ReThugs tried to evangelize the operation of the government.

One of our readers, Webb, stated that it wasn’t the Blacks supporting McCain who should be held responsible; it is the 9% of Black fools that voted for Bush and helped to usher in all of this shyt, that should be held responsible for the rise of John McCain and the KKK campaign rallies. And I agree.

The Blacks in the GOP are all too willing to catch more slaves for the plantation, as opposed to helping them to their freedom, just because they are more into herd mentality than the rest of us.

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