How many times were you told that when you were a little kid that you would have to work twice as hard as the white kid sitting next to you to get the same credit, recognition, respect? Barack Obama is 2x, 3x, 4x the man that John McCain is. Yet he ain’t 2x ahead in the polls. The race is still tight and though you may have heard that Obama’s campaign got as much cheddar as Oprah, snap back cuz here’s the real deal from CQ:

Though Sen. Obama made history in September by raising $150 million dollars in that month alone, the disparity between Obama and McCain becomes less dramatic when party money and campaign spending are combined.  In September, the combined Democratic presidential campaign efforts outspent the Republican’s $134.1 million to $110.7.

Spent in September

McCain –  $44.6 mil, RNC –  $66.1 mil
Obama –  $96.9 mil, DNC –  $37.2 mil

You see, brothers and sisters, without you and me — there’s no campaign, there’s no hope and there’s no change. We have to do more than vote this time around if we want to see change in this land. Don’t you want to be able to say to your kids and grandkids that you did everything you could possibly do to get Barack Obama elected on Nov 4? I do. This is why I gave $50 to Barack Obama. Barack Obama is actually only asking you to give up $5 which will also buy you a footlong at Subway. It’s your choice – do you want a greasy sandwich or do you want Barack Obama to be president?

OK, some of you don’t need to answer that question. For the rest of y’all, Jack and Jill Politics has come together to ask you to give. We’re so close. It’s time to Bring It for Barack. The thermometer in the middle of our page links straight to a donation page on MyBO. It won’t take you but 2 minutes and you’ll feel so good afterwards. If you give, I promise you I will personally thank you via email. We see all the donations and your messages to us as they come in.

I loved this note from Kathleen Hargan who just donated $100.00.

JJP (all of you!): I usually donate directly through the Obama website. However, I am a daily and enormously grateful reader of JJP, although I only occasionally comment (LexusOakland). I chose to donate through your page as a way of saying thank you for your presence during this exciting, historic and grueling election. You’ve saved my sanity more than once! So for Barack… and for you!

Back at ya, Kathleen and much love. This blog wouldn’t exist without you. Barack Obama can’t fight back the forces that are using hatred, straight up lies and stealing peoples’ votes without your help. Our goal is $5000 to help Obama run some ads and pay some salaries. Please give what you can spare today – right now. We’re calling it the Bring it for Barack campaign. Join Us. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

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