McCain’s campaign has indicated he’s going to get dirty. They’re desperate and are going to recycle tired old attacks such as Obama’s rather loose connection with Bill Ayers, a has-been old radical — one of those guys who probably used to talk a lot trash about The Man but was also related to The Man (daddy was the CEO of the local power company) and also now is kinda The Man (professor and community leader). Y’know, it’s almost as if the Clintons did Obama a favor by flinging as much mud as they could at him during the primaries. This didn’t stick back in February and it won’t stick now. There’s also a whiff of ethnic hatred by hoping to link Barack Hussein Obama with zero evidence to terrorism. It’s an attempt to flip the script, especially given news such as the Economist’s study that academic economists overwhelmingly believe “Obama has the superior economic plan, a firmer grasp of economics and will appoint better economic advisers”.

I love it that the Obama campaign is getting out ahead of McCain and pre-empting the negative messaging. I think the American people are in no mood for this. Besides, as I’ve written before, John McCain probably has more to fear than Obama in terms of some of the folks he’s associated with closely, including hardcore white supremacists. Guilt by Association is a game that Obama should play to win and point out McCain’s ties to racists, anti-semites, big oil, big lobbyists, gambling titans and other shadowy figures. I mean, can we talk about McCain’s ties to professional hater Richard Quinn? Or Todd and Sarah’s friendly ties to Alaska’s secessionist (or America Last, heh) party?

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