We are going to be treated to the most vilest of attacks against Senator Barack Obama in the next two weeks.  And there is weeping and gnashing of teeth as McCain continues to pull out of states that historically speaking, he should be winning.  The list of GOP leaders deserting the Titanic continues to grow on an hourly basis and just when I hope that America will show me her best, all I can see is the worst of those who call themselves American.

I was lurking at the Field Negro’s place and this picture gave me hope:


The caption under this pic is “What Racism?”  and was provided to the Field Negro, via a poster name Hawa.  Hat tip to both of them.

One day that baby will grow up and show off this picture to her friends and say “See, that’s me with the President of the United States.” Can you imagine her (I’m assuming its a girl because she’s in pink) at “Show and Tell” in school in the next few years?

As for the overt outing of bigots and while the Klan dusts off their robes and hoods; while Rush Limbaugh, and the goons at Fox Noise, specifically Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly; Chris Wallace, George Will, William “The Bloody” Kristol and others, I look at that picture and I see hope.  Hope that America can get to being as “great as she promotes” herself to be, always realizing that we have a long way to go, and it won’t happen overnight.

But for today, I have HOPE.  Especially as this Election Draws Near.  And my colleague, Rikyrah, isn’t the only one who can find cute pictures….LOL

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