I know that our astute readers have seen the Obama Fundraising Thermometer that popped up over the weekend.

We are trying to raise money for the Obama campaign in these last days.

Click here for the JJP Fundraising page-BRING IT FOR BARACK.
(thanks to Jack Turner and Jill Tubman for the idea and setting it up)

The Obama campaign is under assault. McCain and Co. are doing despicable robocalls that would turn your stomach. We are in full throttle of Birth of a Nation, 2008.

Obama is going to need every dime he can find to help him combat them and win.

You know that Obama is on his own, because the MSM has no interest in telling the truth about McCain & Co.

We’re not asking for a lot. $ 2.50, $5, $10, $15, $20 dollars. Whatever you can spare would be appreciated. I think, if nothing else, this campaign has proven that there is no such thing as a ‘ throwaway donation’.

During this last stretch of the campaign, JJP is going to take a positive, activist tone – moreso than usual. There’s going to be a whole lot of ugly that’s coming to the surface, and we know that our readers will tell us about it. But, we didn’t want to become overwhelmed by the negative. The negative discourages, and we can’t become discouraged. We must become emboldened. We must continue to be vigilant. We must become angry and make sure that we spread the word out to anyone we meet; to anyone we remotely know – that THIS Is the moment we have been waiting for after EIGHT LONG YEARS OF UTTER HELL.

WE actually do have the capabaility of taking this country back and setting it on the right course. The GOP is all about discouragement. They are all about Voter Suppression. They are all about taking away the voting rights of others. You must make it clear to those you know – the only way to beat them is by voting, and voting strong. You can only steal ‘ close’ elections. I still believe strong numbers, overwhelming numbers, can beat the crooks.

As I wrote below, Barack Obama’s Campaign wants to know if you had trouble while voting.

And, I can’t stress the hope that you will VOTE EARLY, because the Obama campaign needs people who help others on November 4th. To help transport them. To be vigilant at polling places, because the word has already been sent forth by certain GOPs, Wisconsin is the latest one, where they’re going to ‘ dispatch’ people to ‘ urban areas’ – this is for voter intimidation. But, if you’ve voted, you can stand there, and intimidate right back.

This battle will be one in the streets. On the ground. And we have to fight for it.


I believe this country is worth the fight.


And thank you for the donation to the Obama Campaign on behalf of JJP.

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