Why the sudden focus on Pennsylvania? Why the constant references to Pennsylvania as a “battleground” or “swing” state, when most polls show Obama with a commanding double digit lead?

Looks like I’m not the only one who finds McCain’s fixation on PA a little strange …

I worry that by ceding Colorado, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Minnesota, McCain may be trying to use a desperate racially and culturally divisive strategy to gin up some votes in Appalachia. If you’re going to lose, it seems to me that this is a horrible way to define the GOP for the next four years. If you’re going to win, the polarization of such a strategy could make governing all but impossible. – Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Dish (emphasis added)

Meet Ms. Ashley Todd. Am I the only one who finds her timing just a tad bit suspicious?

What draws out the resentment vote more than stoking fears of the black brute sexually assaulting a defenseless white woman in the name of Barack Obama?

This was also discussed on the Rachel Maddow Show last night:

For some reason, McCain has placed all of his eggs in one basket: Pennsylvania. Yet almost every poll shows him down by double-digits. The state hasn’t voted for a Republican in 20 years. McCain’s bleeding support in traditionally red states where polls show Obama with double-digit leads in Indiana, Virginia and Ohio.

Why would McCain feel so confident about flipping the state of Pennsylvania when there’s absolutely nothing to suggest this is anything more than a waste of time?

Enter the backwards “B” and the racial politics that follow. . .

A few days ago, I said the following:

McCain’s last hope is to try and flip PA (where he’s consistently down by double digits) and pray that he holds on to enough red states to squeak by 270 electoral votes.

It’s a very dumb idea. But it’s really all he’s got left. Hope for a little Bradley Effect (Morning Joe’s been hyping that fear as of late) and it’s clear that the chances of a McCain/Palin victory rest almost entirely on racism (Bradley Effect) and divisive partisanship (e.g., Obama is a socialist/communist; “real” America v. “fake” America, etc.). . . .

Division and hate . . . the only way McCain flips a 12-14% PA deficit in one week. Why? When you’ve got more than 50% in the polls (as Obama does) the “undecided” vote is never enough to close the gap. McCain’s at the point where he has to peel voters away from Obama, not just rely on the undecideds to swing his way.

The question is such: Has McCain reached a saturation point with his divisive message? Or can he squeeze anything else out of the resentment vote?

I want answers:

Who or what prompted her to do this?

When, where and how did she get the idea?

What, if anything, did she stand to gain from pulling this stunt?

Thankfully, her lies didn’t work. But if they had . . . if she never confessed to the hoax . . . Pennsylvania voters would surely have been inundated with questions and imagery that stir some of the deepest and darkest emotions this country has ever known regarding race.  I doubt it would have been enough to flip the state. But it could have made things a lot closer.

I understand that she may have acted completely on her own. But I’m sure I’m not the only one with a few questions.

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