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GOP Going for Broke
By John K – September 3, 2008, 7:16AM

The conservative rhetoric has risen to a deafening crescendo. It has become impossible to examine what is going on in the McCain camp and not see the extreme push to the right. This is breathtaking to watch.

I’m trying to gauge the possibilities of the republicans laying and winning such a wager and find myself at a loss to evaluate the strategy. In my mind the risk they are taking seems preposterous but at the same time I am cognizant of what it would portend should McCain actually win in November.

The republican wager has raised the stakes to the point where a republican win would absolutely devastate the country.

Democrats really need to understand what a republican win would mean and take very seriously what a negative outcome that would be.



You could kiss freedom goodbye. Government intrusion into our lives would be derigeur like you could not imagine.

And forget about the intrusion of religion on government. It would absolutely become integral to the running of the nation.

The deregulation of big business would go unchecked and unfurl a horde of abuses on consumers that would make what has already occurred pale by comparison.

If you think our foreign policy is unhappily received now, just wat and see what would happen under a McCain presidency.

Roe vs Wade would be history.

Further attempts of the U.S. to use our dwindling economic power to bully foreign powers would end in a mass exodus of foreign investment and a crash of U.S. currency.

Domestic surveillance and militaristic conduct by law enforcement would be completely out of control.

I really think all these things are absolutely predictable outcomes of a republican win. This may sound alarmist but it is a very logical product of what is being espoused at the republican convention.

A republican win would provide them affirmation of their policies of the last eight years and allow them to totally disregard the fact that the outcomes of the Bush presidency have irreparably harmed the nation.

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