Because that’s what war heroes do, didn’t you know? They abandon ship.

Rikyrah pointed me to gsadamb on DailyKos and the story of McCain’s tantrum with the following video

You should also check Kagro X on Kos for documentation of the outright lies McCain and his campaign have been spouting about Palin’s role in the Alaska National Guard. The short version: she has no foreign policy experience based on the national guard. None. They lied.

I love how conservatives rant against a culture of victimhood in the area of affirmative action. They get real concerned about black people’s self esteem. But when it comes to reasonable questions from the media, the tough guy GOP cries like a lil punk ass baby. I thought McCain was supposed to be a man’s man! I though Palin shot moose and made burgers out of them. What has happened to this tough party that they can’t take questions based on the very standard they set?

Somebody should give them a hug.

Also, John McCain is a P.O.W. so how dare Campbell brown challenge a campaign spokesman.

John McCain had six months to choose a vice president. That’s more time than any nominee in history. He decided that Sarah Palin was the best America had to offer. Will he use the same thought process to appoint his cabinet and federal judges? Is he ready to lead?

This is rikyrah:

So, MAN UP, John Boy.

You’re running for PRESIDENT.

If you can’t face a CNN reporter, then how will you face Putin?

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