As you know by now, Sarah Palin was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, population 9,700. This job prepared her to step into the presidency by giving her extensive experience in ribbon-cutting, meeting attendance and ceremonial leadership. Most importantly, it prepared her to continue the cronyism and ineptitude taken to new heights by the Bush administration

Mayor Palin was nearly recalled for firing the police chief and library director. Why? Because they failed to support her reelection.

Via Huffington Post

Yes, that’s right. Hack n’ Sack Sarah didn’t even try to hide it. She didn’t say the Police Chief and Library Director were doing a bad job. No, she fired them for “not fully supporting her efforts to govern” (i.e., not endorsing her for Mayor).

Seriously, though, we’re coming off eight years of cronyism and inept leadership in the White House, which led to everything from Heck Of a Job Brownie to the US Attorney Firing Scandal. Sarah Palin’s emerging record as Mayor of Wasilla and as Governor are almost a complete mirror of that (though closer to the Mayberry scale than leader of the free world).

John McCain had six months to choose a vice president. That’s more time than any nominee in history. He decided that Sarah Palin was the best America had to offer. Will he use the same thought process to appoint his cabinet and federal judges? Is he ready to lead?

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