John McCain is a true maverick, yall. He’s such a maverick, he’s selected a vice presidential nominee who is under active investigation in her home state. It’s an investigation whose results are scheduled for released on October 31, days before the election. That’s how badass John McCain is! 

You want to investigate? He wants you to bring it! Even though his campaign is doing all it can to delay the investigation, you cannot deny that this is some pretty mavericky stuff. 

Sarah Palin fired a popular public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan, because he wouldn’t fire a state trooper Mike Wooten who was married to Palin’s sister. There are lots of other details, but what you need to know is that Palin fired a state employee over family drama. 

From the Alaska Daily News


Monegan, however, said that Palin raised the subject of Wooten with him herself on two occasions after becoming governor — once on the phone soon after she took office and once in person not long after that. Monegan also said that the governor’s husband, Todd, talked to him several times about Wooten and that three top officials in her administration contacted him.

Monegan also disclosed for the first time that Palin sent him two or three e-mails that referenced her ex-brother-in-law and his status with troopers. Monegan declined to provide the e-mails because of the ongoing investigation. Monegan said he believes his firing was directly related to the fact Wooten stayed on the job. “It was a significant factor if not the factor,” Monegan said.

No one from the McCain campaign ever contacted him to vet Palin as a candidate, Monegan said.

You see that last sentence? No one from Camp McCain contacted the fired public safety commissioner. THAT’S HOW MAVERICKS ROLL!

It wasn’t just Palin harassing Monegan. It was her family. And as we all know, she has a huge family. If Palin becomes VP, can we expect her ginormous brood to tie up government telecommunications with all the intimidating they’ll need to do? They’re gonna need a special phone plan to carry off all that harassment, and we the taxpayers will be stuck with the bill. As my favorite POW likes to say, “that’s not change we can believe in.”


John McCain had six months to choose a vice president. That’s more time than any nominee in history. He decided that Sarah Palin was the best America had to offer. Will he use the same thought process to appoint his cabinet and federal judges? Is he ready to lead?

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