The reporters that have been covering up McCain’s Straight-Talk Express are starting to get pissed, now that their covering up is getting them nothing but being told to go “Cheney” themselves on a consistent basis.  Apparently, Gov. Sarah Palin doesn’t even want them covering her meeting with foreign heads of state as part of the campaign.

CNN is saying “Hell to the Naw!” and rightfully so:

Journalists protested the campaign’s decision to exclude all but photographers and a TV crew from Palin’s sessions with foreign leaders. CNN decided to withdraw its TV crew, effectively denying Palin the high visibility she sought for her initial foray into world affairs. (emphasis mine).

Apparently, the Straight-Talk Express derailed itself again, and tried to get itself back on track…too LATE:

The campaign then reversed course, saying pool reporters — a small group that provides information to all media — could attend the meetings planned after Karzai hosted Palin at his suite in The Barclay New York Hotel.

If you read the entire AP article, the more Palin opens her mouth, the more she demonstrates how unfit and unqualified she is to be Vice-President.  Hell, Former VP Dan Quayle had more qualifications than she does, and at least he understood he wasn’t being required to do anything except go to funerals of dead foreign heads of state, attend weddings of the same, and stand around trying to fake women out into thinking that Robert Redford was in the White House, LOL.

First, her debates with Senator Joe Biden have to be scripted.  Now the reporters are being kicked out of covering her when she needs the coverage to highlight those foreign affairs credentials she’s supposed to have just because she can see the coastline of Russia from her backyard.

Is there a beverage on the market called “Can of Stupid”?  Because she just drank an entire sixpack, and McCain helped her out in the drinking.

As TruthSeeker said – “There’s enough shyt on this woman to fill in the gaps in the Grand Canyon.”  I expect a whole lot more to start filling in those gaps between now and Election Day.  Pissing off the media that essentially has had your back since the announcement is not the way to go.

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