This vid would be hilarious if it weren’t maddening that the mainstream media has sort of rolled over and bathed like pigs in mud for McCain and Palin’s lies, distortions and inaccuracies. It’s been the #1 most viewed video on YouTube, #1 on the viral video chart, and the #2 story on the Digg Election 2008 page. It’s must-see teevee.

Almost 5 million people have seen this video. Journalists take note – Americans are hungry for the truth and they’ll either get from you or they’ll get it from YouTube. Have a care, at least, for your ratings. Take a look:

What’s up with the press, anyway? McCain/Palin offer so many juicy stories. As Brave New Films’ site says:

For the last seven years, the mainstream press has sacrificed its objectivity and courage in a pathetic attempt to appease conservatives lest they be painted left-leaning.

We need to continue spreading videos like The Real McCain 2, passing them along to friends and coworkers, and raising the national discourse until our pleas for unbiased, hard-hitting journalism are heard by the corporate media.

And it has to happen now, especially when the presumptive GOP nominee can’t get his basic facts right on Iran.  Especially when the press is obsessed with Jeremiah Wright but won’t go after McCain’s endorsements (which he sought) from the viciously anti-Semitic Rev. John Hagee or the deeply bigoted Rev. Rod Parsley.  Especially when White House lackey Ed Gillespie is going on Glenn Beck’s show to call for a boycott of NBC.  Especially when Bill O’Reilly and FOX News are parroting the White House once again, assailing NBC, MSNBC, and their parent company, General Electric.  And especially when Karl Rove is attacking Democrats on FOX News, which refuses to identify him as an informal McCain adviser or maxed-out donor.

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