Short update on the tech situation.

Yall have noticed that the top “people” tab on our disqus widget in the middle column is not functioning correctly. Disqus is working on it and hopes to have it resolved this week. The system is still tracking all the comments and who made them, so you won’t be losing your position (ahem, Craig Hickman :)).

That is all.

Oh, while I’m here I might as well provide something else of interest.

Chris Dodd has proposed an alternative to that piece of b.s. blank check Paulson bailout. You can see a version of Dodd’s bill here that is open to comment by anyone. The site is PublicMarkup and is a project of the Sunlight Foundation (like Congresspedia, Superdelegate Tracker and more)

There’s a lot more to say and share on the economic shenanagins going on. In the meantime, know that John McCain has a plan for all of us. via The Onion

McCain’s Economic Plan For Nation: “Everyone Marry A Beer Heiress”

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