I don’t wear the tinfoil hat too often, but every now and then, I read something in the comments sections of our posts and dang, if most of you are as sharp as a set of Ronco knives!  While we’re waxing speculative as well as informed truthiness about McCain’s VP pick, suppose a more sinister plot is cooking on the GOP stove?

I’m remembering when Bush decided he wanted to name his cleaning lady…er, legal counsel, Harriet Miers, to the Supreme Court.  At the time, I was thinking it was a somewhat bold move, and yet, it reminded me of how his Pappy decided to replace the brilliance of Thurgood Marshall on the bench with another brotha; an unqualified brotha, and hoped because Clarence Thomas was a brotha, Black people wouldn’t notice.  Unca Clarance’s stance against anything smelling like Civil Rights; abortion, shoot, basic human and civil liberties, couldn’t help but get him noticed and in the wrong way, too.  Anyway, back to when Bush nominated Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, and homegirl didn’t even get a hearing before she was forced to withdraw her nomination.

I thought Bush would be kicking and screaming like he always does when he doesn’t get his way.  He was forced to rescind his nomination and he did so without a whimper.  I began to think maybe, he’d mellowed out.

I was wrong.  The elimination of Miers from consideration opened the door for a real Reich-Wing nut to get to the highest court in the land and drive it rightward.

I’m talking about “Sudden” Sam Alito, y’all.  He’s more reich-wing than Scalia, and hell, I didn’t think that was possible.  But having the GOP raise that much hell over an opportunity to take it to the Democrats in terms of diversity and inclusion; not to mention an opportunity to make history by naming another female to the bench, left me wondering.

In the years I’ve observed the GOP, I’ve learned to respect their tactics.  RESPECT their tactics, NOT LIKE THEM.  For my money, as my father would say, “Those SOBs are lower than whaleshyt.” But, you have to respect how they strategize and execute their plans, almost to perfection.  I mean, with the Internet, Google and Wikipedia, McCain had to know that the second Sarah Palin was announced, many inquiring minds were going to head to their computers to research just who the hell Sarah Palin was and what was the motivation for picking her. And, after the last couple of days, McCain’s IT people are being kept real busy scrubbing shyt from Palin’s website that said one thing, but meant something else.  So, I propose the following theory, and as always, please chime in with your opinions.  They make for real good readin’ and discussion here at JJP, so thanks in advance.

My theory is that the choice of Sarah Palin was nothing more than a big, fat distraction, but not in the way the GOP usually attempts to distract us away from discussing the issues.  I mean, it is a possible distraction to invoke some clever strategy that gets Palin out of the way, because they really don’t want her as VP (the GOP is too chauvinistic to take orders from a mere female), but it clears the way for McCain to bring in a real SOB as his VP; someone like Dead-Eye Dick Cheney, the spawn from Hell.  It might go down just like Bush was allowed to force Alito down the collective throats of the U. S. Senate, because he pulled Miers’ nomination off the table. It was real painful to watch Alito sail through confirmation without almost no opposition (especially after Russ Feingold, Ted Kennedy and Joe “Ride or Die” Biden began to munch on Alito with their questions about civil rights, abortion and equal rights like he was a bowl of Capt’n Crunch) with Alito’s wife, Martha, pulling a “Hillary” and crying on cue.

The price for our freedom and the government leaders we want is eternal vigilance.  We have to watch the GOP like a pig watches you bring the slop jar out to feed him.  We have to watch this VP choice of McCain’s and see how long this train ride is destined before Palin either withdraws from consideration, or the other choice is that psychologically, McCain really doesn’t want to be POTUS, but he has to look like he’s making the effort or else return all that cheddar that’s being raised for him to get the job.

We report, speculate, theorize and analyze here at JJP.  Knock yourselves out.

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