The GOP should worry that McCain’s speech will be anti-climactic after Palin’s big moment last night. How big was it though? Obama’s DNC08 acceptance speech attracted 38 million viewers, more than the viewers tuning in for the American Idol finale, the Beijing opening ceremonies or the Academy Awards this year. Despite all the hype, Palin got only around 11 million viewers last night, which is actually less than the 14.8 million from the comparable night in 2004 and much less than Hillary Clinton’s speech last week.

Are Americans finally ready to tune out the GOP’s hate, fear, lies and scandal? Is it time to flip the script?

Here’s Obama’s response to Palin’s substance-free speech:

The speech that Governor Palin gave was well delivered, but it was written by George Bush’s speechwriter and sounds exactly like the same divisive, partisan attacks we’ve heard from George Bush for the last eight years. If Governor Palin and John McCain want to define ‘change’ as voting with George Bush 90% of the time, that’s their choice, but we don’t think the American people are ready to take a 10% chance on change.”

BTW, what’s especially repugnant to me about Giuliani and Palin’s attack on Obama’s community organizing is that it flies right in the face of their party’s desperate & pathetic attempts to claim Martin Luther King Jr, the ultimate community organizer, as a Republican hero just the night previous to Palin’s speech. For the record, MLK declined to endorse Nixon in 1968.

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