But not very many though. According to Booker Rising, which is doing a good job covering the RNC Convention, she’s seen 2 black bloggers (herself and Hip Hop Republicans) out of 200 or so invited to cover the convention. You’d think in an historic year, and one in which the Republicans have created a celebratory Lincoln video, that they’d make an effort to showcase the diversity of their support. There are actually quite a few conservative black bloggers such as Cobb and LaShawn Barber. I saw no diversity in the speakers today and very little in the audience.

Booker Rising:

On my way to the blogger section, I believe that I spotted actor Joseph C. Phillips (who, if it was him, is shorter than I expected) and a guy who I’m 99% sure was Niger Innis of CORE. However, they were at some distance and quickly disappeared. I saw some black folks about the convention facility, especially blacks in their twenties and black folks in their forties and up. Thirtysomething black folks like myself seem to be in short supply.

Guess Innis needed to pick up some checks from the oil lobby.

Booker Rising said today:

Right now I’m at a blogger brunch – located on the top floor of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, with a great panoramic view of St. Paul – featuring former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee. About 65 bloggers, including one from Japan, are in attendance at this invitation-only event sponsored by Google and RedState. I am the only black blogger, and one of about a half dozen females in attendance. Although I am a moderate-conservative, compared to the folks in attendance I’m practically liberal. This is definitely a red meat, conservative Republican set.

Oliver Willis notes that there are fewer black people at the RNC than the last go-round in 2004. Gee, I wonder why? Katrina, maybe? Unjust & unwise war that very few black people support? Rampant price increases? The failure of McCain to vote for Martin Luther King’s birthday as a holiday? No mention of increasing healthcare access for Americans during tonight’s speeches? I could go on.


There are 36 black delegates at the Republican convention here — fewer than 2% of the total and a sharp drop-off from 2004, a think tank reports.

The GOP record was set with 6.7% black delegates in 2004.

The Democratic Party, which has targets for minority representation, said a record 24.5% of delegates at its convention last week were black. That’s about twice the percentage of blacks in the U.S. population, according to the Census Bureau.


I can’t imagine why there aren’t more black Republicans. I mean, it’s not like the Republican party actively supports policies that are harmful to blacks and other minorities.

I second Jack Turner’s suggestion that we start a drinking game for RNC08: Everytime you hear “Country First” or see a person of color, drink up!

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