Well, let’s check in and see how Obama is doing.

From DailyKos:

First off we have the latest Latino Decision Poll conducted in battle ground states.

Full Poll:

Latino Decisions Poll, August 27, 2008

Colorado O:69% M:24%
New Mexico O:70% M:21%
Nevada O:68% M:22%
Florida O:45% M:48%

By comparison here are the exit polls from 2004

Colorado K:68% B:30%
New Mexico K:56% B:44%
Nevada K:60% B:39%
Florida K:44% B:56%

Comparison of June’s Poll Numbers

Colorado O:57% M:31%
New Mexico O:57% M:31%
Nevada O:57% M:31%
Florida O:43% M:42%

So in 2 months
Obama is +12 in CO while McCain is -7
Obama is +13 in NM while McCain is -10
Obama is +11 in NV while McCain is -9

Now for Poll Number 2 which confirms a crazy lead for Obama.

Democracy Corp Poll, July and August Polling
AZ, CO, NM, NV – No Florida

Obama 69%
McCain 24%

The details are worth reading, at the DailyKos diary, or the links to the polls.

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