UPDATE: I was pleasantly surprised to read on Ben Smith’s blog that the “Obama Waffles” were banned from the VV Summit, but of course, not before cotton pickin’ Lou Dobbs got himself a box. 


The racist paternalism of McCain’s latest ad was hilariously deconstructed by JJP commenter Miranda a couple of days ago. But it seems that some conservatives are still really eager to indulge their “Obama as a slave” fantasy, going as far as to try to make him into Uncle Ben or Aunt Jemima. This special “waffle mix” is being sold at the Values Voters Summit, sponsored by the Right Wing Family Research Center.

There’s a video after the jump.

Here’s a link to the video

The authors try to hide behind “Emeril” and “Newman’s Own,” but of course, those brands are named after real people who own those brands and Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima are nostalgic images of black servitude. It’s not shocking that the two fools who created the product think of them as “real people” but it pretty much says everything you need to know about them. (As though they didn’t know what they were doing when they exaggerated his features and gave him those bulbous white eyes.) The side of the box contains “rap lyrics” and there are various images of Obama wearing a turban and a sombrero. I mean, it’s racism, it doesn’t have to make sense.

FRC, which sponsors the summit, is James Dobson’s group and one of the most important Right Wing Christian organizations in the country. That people there thought this was appropriate says a great deal about what kind of “values” they believe in.

For the record, John McCain and Sarah Palin did not attend, because McCain can’t be there without Palin to hold his hand and she was seeing her son this weekend before he deploys to Iraq.

Via Thinkprogress.

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