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This campaign is built on the belief that everyday Americans, when organized and focused, can change their country.

Now you can have an even greater impact on your community. Start today by logging in to our new voter contact tool to find voters near you to reach out to. You can go door to door or make calls at any time that’s convenient for you. There’s no one who knows your community better than you do, so help us build support for Barack Obama and this movement for change by beginning in your own neighborhood.

When you log in you’ll see that we’ve prepared all the resources that you need, including:

  • A list of voters in your neighborhood who we need to reach out to
  • A script you can use in your conversations
  • A customized flyer you can distribute
  • Easy interfaces to report back the results of your efforts to the campaign

My people. The polls are too close, and this election is not a given. Despite the horror of the past eight years and the promise of at least four more under McPain, we cannot assume victory. I’m going to be shifting my blog focus more to what we can actually do.

It seems appropriate on this day of Community Organizer blogging, that we focus on doing just that for this election.

Seriously, make sure you and those you know are registered and prepared to vote.

In the comments share with us what you plan to due to help win this election?

What do you need help doing? What tools and information will help you help us win?

Update: Hilzoy below posted state voter registration deadlines.

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