In 2 minutes, Barack Obama managed to make more sense than anyone else has to date. His new video is simple — just him speaking to you about the help that everyday Americans need. There are AIG-level financial meltdowns happening at kitchen tables and in living rooms all over this nation. But those people aren’t getting rescued by the Bush administration. Obama actually talks about the needs of Main Street in this video, not just Wall Street.

I get that something very bad would have happened to a lot of people if AIG had gone down yesterday. Probably a lot of people around the world would have suffered. But how long can American taxpayers take on Wall Street’s burdens while still spending $1 billion a day in Iraq? Where’s the help for ordinary people who got shafted by subprime mortgage loans to keep their homes? Where’s the help for families that need more help with unemployment benefits? I took a taxi yesterday and the cabbie told me his wife — a skilled data admin — has been out of work for 8 months. Who’s bailing them out?

Also, when is the Bush administration going to level with the American people on how serious things really are and what their plan is to deal with it? Barack Obama has an economic plan ( and he talks about it in this video. Where’s the Bush plan or the McCain plan to get out us out of this economic mess? That’s what I want to know cuz right now it looks like Bernanke and Paulson are making it up as they go along.

Cuz the U.S. banking system is not sound and we have not yet seen the bottom, y’all. I suggest you get informed on what’s really going on because the mainstream media is not sharing the big picture very effectively. Be careful out there.

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