From Jake Tapper at ABC

Rick Davis, campaign manager for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., just told Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace that McCain running mate Gov. Sarah Palin won’t subject herself to any tough questions from reporters “until the point in time when she’ll be treated with respect and deference.”

As CPL said to me earlier today, we’ve had too many years of media due deference rather than due diligence. It was such deference which led the media to not question the lead up to an illegal war.

I was heartened to watch Gwen Ifill’s Washington Week this past Friday. She asked her panel of journalists (Vanity Fair, WaPo, NYT and Politico) what they thought about the pressure from the McCain camp to lay off of Palin. Jeanne Cummings from Politico (transcript not yet available) said something to the effect of

I don’t care. They’ve introduced an unknown person to the next highest office in the country, and we don’t know anything about her. It’s our job to inform the citizenry about the decision they’re going to make, and we have to do it, regardless of pressure from the campaign.

I can’t imagine what would happen if Obama or Biden refused to meet with the press until they were treated with “respect and deference.” I feel like the words “arrogant” or “uppity” might be used.

Palin is confirmed to do one ABC interview this week from her home state of Alaska. Not nearly enough.

This ain’t a kingdom. It’s a democracy where leaders are accountable to we the people. If you have a problem with that, leave.

What questions would you ask of Gov. Palin?

John McCain had six months to choose a vice president. That’s more time than any nominee in history. He decided that Sarah Palin was the best America had to offer. Will he use the same thought process to appoint his cabinet and federal judges? Is he ready to lead?

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