peace to Eddie Griffin who alerted me to this AmericaBlog article entitled: How an AMERICAblog reader asked John and Sarah real questions at a photo opp today. Palin notes that Stevens is under indictment.” Both McCain and Palin punked out when it came to answering basic questions from an Arizona voter:

McCain worked his way up to me and Cat and as I shook his hand, I asked, “Sir, I respect your service but, why were you against the GI bill?” Senator McCain, paused, he looked a bit surprised at the question and then he said, “Nice to meet you.” I repeated the question and he repeated his non-answer. He quickly worked his way down the line. So much for straight-talk!

But Palin did the same around her old buddy Sen Ted Stevens (R-AK)…

Sarah first looked at Caterina said hello, and I shook her hand.

I asked, “Are supporting Ted Stevens this year?”

She replied, “He’s under indictment you know…his trial is in September.”

I replied, “But are you voting for him?”

She walked away without answering.

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