We’ve already endured one elderly American president, then septuagenarian Ronald Reagan, who may have suffered symptoms of Alzheimer’s while still in office. John McCain is trying to hide the full extent of his illnesses — he takes up to 6 medications a day and has had just about every type of skin cancer you can get — AND he had high cholesterol, arthritis, etc. Before some consider electing another senior 70-something (boy, what a tv show that would make. Cocoon and Golden Girls — watch out!), shouldn’t we know exactly what we’re getting? Over 17,000 people and almost 700 doctors are asking John McCain to disclose his full health records for public review. Join me and sign the open letter to join the call — extra points if you’re a medical professional.

When he opened his health records earlier this year, doctors and journalists has only 3 hours to examine over 1000 pages with no cell phone nor internet access available in the room. Sounds like he’s hiding something. Just as Biden just released his tax records for the past 10 years and challenged Palin to do the same, Barack Obama should fully release his health records for full public view and challenge McCain to let the American people get a good look at whether he has the strength to fulfill the demanding role of President during difficult times. We deserve to know the truth, especially since his backup would be one of the least credentialed VPs in history.

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