So sayeth the AP:

Republican presidential nominee John McCain challenged rival Barack Obama on Wednesday to suspend their heated campaign, postpone Friday’s debate and work together to deal with the nation’s financial troubles. Obama did not immediately respond to his rival’s bold political move, but Obama campaign officials say the senator is inclined to move ahead with the debate.

Um, but you talked all that noise about being ready and experienced to run the country, Senator McCain.  So why are you asking for a delay in demonstrating your skillz?

McCain said the Bush administration’s Wall Street bailout plan seemed headed for defeat and a bipartisan solution was urgently needed. The move was an effort by the Republican to claim leadership on an issue that has been troublesome for him at a time when his rival is moving ahead in the polls. (emphasis mine)

McCain said he would put politics aside and return to Washington Thursday to focus on the nation’s financial problems after addressing former President Clinton‘s Global Initiative session in New York. McCain said he had spoken to President Bush and asked him to convene a leadership meeting in Washington that would include him and Obama.

Um, excuse me, but didn’t you vote to give the government No Oversight or Responsibility, Senator McCain?  So why you throwing roundhouses at Obama to get off the campaign trail and go back to DC to help clean up a mess you and your cronies created?  Not to mention they tallied how often you were actually in DC when you needed to be and you went AWOL.

Everyone else involved is saying, “Shyt Happens.  Life Goes On..”:

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid issued a statement saying the debate should go on because “we need leadership, not a campaign photo op.”

The University of Mississippi said it was going forward with preparation for the debate in Oxford. “We are ready to host the debate, and we expect the debate to occur as planned,” the school said, adding that it had received no notification of any change in the timing or venue.

As tired as I am of all of this, a delay will just facilitate more election fatigue as it is.  Get on with it, McCain.  Put up or SHUT UP.

But that’s what you get when you are riding the No-Talk Express; you keep getting derailed as opposed to getting to your destination.

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