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Original Cincinatti Enquirer article is here.

McCain campaign admits mailing 1 Million bad ballot applications to voters in Ohio *UPDATED*
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Thu Sep 11, 2008 at 07:04:06 PM PDT
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Good Christ Almighty, here we go again. Hot off the wire from the Cincinnati Enquirer:

About one-third of the absentee ballot applications received at the Hamilton County Board of Elections have been ruled invalid because Republican Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign printed a version of the form with an extra, unneeded box on it.

Just wait! It gets better!

It turns out the problem is that the McCain campaign added a box on these forms that required you to check it to confirm you were an eligible voter. Yep, that’s right- check here if you are eligible to vote. I guess the act of actually requesting an absentee ballot doesn’t qualify that. And if you don’t check it…

… bingo. You get the picture. And the McCain campaign has sent out over a MILLION of these forms. The State of Ohio and the local election boards, understandably, don’t want to pay to fix the mistake on this- how much d’you want to bet the McCain campaign wants to pay to fix it?


From the comments, thanks to Chumley, seems like this is the tip of the iceburg:



Just listening to the substitute host, Lee Rayburn, on the Thom Hartmann show:

“Misleading” absentee ballot applications are being mailed out by the McCain campaign to registered Democratic voters in purple states. The return addresses are inaccurate, as well as other information. “Misleading, lying” mailers are going out in Florida and other purple states. It’s a caging tactic.

Calls are coming in verifying that this is happening in small towns, as well as larger ones.

THIS is who the MODERN Republican Party IS.

THIS is who they’ve always been.

Lowlife mofos, who have spent their political lives attempting to suppress the rights of African Americans to vote.

THIS is who they are.

And, if you can’t see that this is why we need to fight, then I don’t know what else to tell you.

John McCain is NOT an honorable man.

He’s a lowlife in the tradition of all the rest of them who charged our ancestors beatdowns, then Poll Taxes, and Poll Quizzes to attempt to steal their franchise away from them.

The GOP has NEVER been about DEMOCRACY. They can’t handle DEMOCRACY. They lie, steal, and attempt to TAKE AWAY THE VOTING RIGHTS OF OTHERS.

Not. one. more. word about any sort of bullshit about McCain being ‘ honorable’.

Not on this site.

So trolls, take it elsewhere.

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UPDATE -Edit: In the comments below, BerkeyBee mentions that:

… the Republicans mailed out requests for ballot applications to Republicans. Jennifer Brunner, the Democratic Secty of State, ruled the applications were ILLEGAL, meaning that the Hamilton county BOE could not send out absentee ballots to Republicans.

But instead of just requiring that the ballot applications be thrown away (which is what Ken Blackwell would have required), they are notifying these people that their applications were invalid.

The Republicans are claiming that they have used these forms before.

So, in Ohio at least, we may just have a case of extreme irony and misfortune amongst McCain’s base. As much as I enjoy schadenfreude (sp), no matter the party, election fraud needs to be stopped. As as chumley pointed out, this is happening elsewhere. Since Ohio is a key state in this election, we need to be aware of similar things happening in the future.

I will ‘believe’ that these were mailed to Republicans – for now. But, it doesn’t erase the attempts at voter caging going on across the country BY REPUBLICANS. I’ll write later on the posts that I’ve found around describing the GOP attempts. Just reading them enrages me.

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