via Politico

Yesterday, Democrats compared McCain’s first response to the financial crisis to Bush and New Orleans, and today McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds returns the favor:

“We welcome Barack Obama’s new-found interest in passing this critical economic rescue of our economy, but the American people needed leadership last week, and our next President can’t wait until after the levees break to start making phone calls.”

What’s wrong with these people? They can’t make their own campaign signs or slogans or policies, and now they’re cribbin disses too!? It all just rings so hollow. Life must be pretty messed up at Camp McPain right about now for folks to so ineffectively flail like this.

Also, let’s not forget where McCain himself was during Katrina: posing with George W. Bush and a birthday cake. They didn’t even eat the cake. As Americans died.

If you actually care about the victims of Hurricane Katrina beyond your ability to use them in a trifling stunt of political “verbiage” please check out this dkos diary which links to good New Orleans blog sources.

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