Wow — we just couldn’t be more thrilled. Last year, we were pleased as punch to be awarded the 2007 Judges’ Vote for Best Political/News Blog for the Black Weblog Awards.

This year, we’ve received the 2008 Judges’ nod for Blog of the Year and Best Group Blog. OMGawd, y’all! I just about caught the vapors for real when rikyrah sent around the good news.

There’s no greater honor than recognition from your peers and so we’d like to thank the judges for their support. Of course we also need to thank Jesus and our mamas.

I think these need a catchy name — what do you think? I’m thinking “The Blackies”?

The Field Negro won both the popular vote and the judges’ vote for Best Political/News Blog and we’d like to congratulate the Field on his big win. You can peep the full list here. What’s stunning to see is the increasing (‘scuse me) diversity of black blogs which include science, gossip, music, video, sports, teens and so much more.

And of course, the biggest thanks of all has to go to you because without you, there would truly be no JJP. There’s a reason this year’s theme for the Black Weblog Awards is “Power to the People”. And also ahem: “Are You Ready?”


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