You know the apocalypse has arrived when I do a post on how Tom “The Hammer” DeLay ran thangs when he was in Congress, and then I see an article on the Hammer himself.  Now peep the following; DeLay admits the Democrats are “better organized” than his own party:

On the eve of John McCain’s formal nomination Thursday at the Republican National Convention, top Republicans acknowledged that Democrats will hold a significant organizational advantage in the fall campaign. Before the 2006 congressional elections, “the left and the Democrats had spent seven years putting together one of the most powerful political coalitions that had ever been built,” DeLay said Wednesday.

Even Rep. Eric Cantor, the third ranking Republican in the House, gives props to the Obama campaign:

Cantor cited as an example the e-mail and text message database Barack Obama’s campaign used to announce the name of his running mate.

“That e-mail list or text list now just inures to the benefit of the Obama campaign,” he said. “It really gives them an organizational advantage.”

You guys thought just because Pat Buchanan gave Obama props for his speech last week, that Hell froze over.  I say the high praise coming from two top Republicans who virtually were the architects of the Bush Administration, is a clear sign that the four Horsemen should be riding in any day now.

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