I’m elevating this comment from Anderkoo to post status (and testing our comment system in the process). I was deeply troubled by Palin’s attack on community organizing.

Anderkoo makes the point wonderfully below and follows up with some more deadly logic for the GOP.

Attacking community organizers finally proves one thing: REPUBLICANS HATE POOR PEOPLE.

For decades we’ve heard Republicans rant about how poor people need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps rather than wait for government to give a handout.

But once poor communities start coming together and taking charge of their own destinies, along comes the Republican Party to ridicule their leaders as “not having actual responsibilities.”

So this whole thing about personal responsibility was a ruse, after all. They don’t hate irresponsible poor people. They hate all poor people.

(I guess I lied that this was my last word on community organizers)

Originally posted as a comment by Anderkoo on Jack and Jill Politics using Disqus.

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