This is crazy. And desperate. Should we now call it the Campaign to Nowhere? Now more than ever we need to have a national discussion and hear from those who would lead us into the future what their ideas are around how we will re-vitalize our economy. Republicans were so fond of accusing Democrats of wanting to “cut and run” in Iraq despite the fact that there was no clear objective for our presence occupying Iraq at great expense in blood and money to Americans. Looks like it’s the No Talk Express that’s heading up the Cut and Run brigade, soldier. Can we actually start calling him that: “John ‘Cut & Run’ McCain”.

Someone sitting next to me from the Millennium Forum here at the Clinton Global Initiative in the press section wonders if John McCain might have had a heart attack, stroke or serious health issue that the campaign may be scrambling to cover. It does make one wonder.

If you want to call McCain out and demand the debate — sign on to this insta-petition made by Google Docs and Demand the Debate.

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