It looks like you two want to play nice with the McCain/Palin Camp, going into the election.  That would be a classy move, but after last night, are you still convinced that you are dealing with equally classy people? Because if lame responses like Senator Biden’s on “Morning Joe” Scarborough are any indication, it would appear that the Democrats are trying to lose a race that is their’s to win.

Regardless of your political platform, I would like to think that you’re in this thing to win it all.  You have endured attacks on yourself as an elitist, arrogant, celebrated political celebrity who has no experience in the political arena because you were a community organizer without any real responsibilities, according to Sarah Palin in her speech last night.

Your beautiful wife, Michelle, is attacked as an educated but angry, militant, AK-47 carrying, Afro-wearing 21st Century Version of Angela Davis, and the women in the Democratic Party do not come to her defense or say shyt to the GOP, the New Yorker, or any other print and visual media to get them to come correct.

How many times has the Democratic Party had the table laid and set and thought all they have to do is SHOW UP but instead of showing up, they WIMP OUT?


I have come to the conclusion that if we want the government we deserve, we in the blogsphere are going to have to take the fight to the GOP ReThugs.  Because all Sarah Palin did last night was sound like a damned thug in a dress, and a hypocritical thug in a dress at that.  Lil’ Kim would have had more class than Sarah Palin demonstrated last night.  It is obvious that rather than be sitting in a jail for orchestrating the outing of a CIA-Agent, KKKarl Rove wrote that speech she gave last night, and I’m afraid for all it’s diversity and glory, the United States would rather have four more years of Bush-Cartel policies that have already turned this country into a Global Shythole with GeeShrubya doing the driving, and now turning the wheel over to an ancient, disease-riddled, opportunist-who-left-his-first-wife for a younger-model, “family values” candidate; who now has another “family values” candidate that allowed her daughter to get pregnant and forced into a shot-gun wedding; a hidden pregnancy of her own; and the fact that she and her husband were card-carrying members of a group that advocates for secession from the union and become their own damned country.

While I understand that to attack Bristol Palin for her obvious cry for help to her parents (kids engage in sex for the most part because boys are wired to be hormonal, and girls are looking for love) is way off limits, the rest of every lie she’s told, her governance as both the mayor of Bug-Tussle (Wasilla) and as governor (trying to get her brother-in-law fired and then trying to fire the police commissioner who wouldn’t carrying out her demands) are fair game and I for one, will be madder than a wet hen if Obama/Biden shows anything less than “Ride or Die”.

Too many people have sacrificed to get you where you are.  We have voted with our money; we have voted with our time wearing out shoe leather to register people and take them to the polls to vote; we have sacrificed with our computers, YouTube videos, phone calls, emails, voicemails; we are ever vigilant in monitoring attacks on you, your families and your supporters, in trying to garner reactions to defend and fight back.

FIGHT BACK.  Two words, but, oh, so powerful.  For me, I need to see fire in your bellies; you demonstrated it during the DNC convention, but why the caution now?  If you know how the media will spin whatever comes out of your mouth, why do you continue to entertain them by going into the lion’s den and supping with them?

Yes, Bristol Palin is off limits – but her mother isn’t.

Troopergate is not off limits – go after her on that, “Ride or Die” Joe.

Fiscal management when she was Mayor of Wasilla – not off limits.

Cutting funding for other unwed pregnant teens – not off limits.

Creating more illiterate people because of cutting funding for education – not off limits.

Not knowing the job duties of the Vice-President – NOT OFF LIMITS.

There’s very little that is off limits and when the GOP whine and try to throw out the “sexist” accusation, you hit right back with the question “Where are we being sexist in pointing out how unqualified she is to be Vice-President?”  In other words, they send you to the hospital, you send them to the Morgue.

The time for playing nice is OVER, gentlemen.  The GOP plays to WIN, and so SHOULD YOU.

Take off those gloves, get in the ring and start fighting, but keep on the forefront what this election is really about.  It is about the fact that our government is in a piss-poor situation where our global credibility is ruined among our peers around the world.  This country is seen as bullies and usurpers – takers and not inclined to give back.  We are seen, not as a superpower to be respected, but as a monster who needs to be pacified because we’ve created the reputation of using other countries to get what the top 1% in this country wants – and you cannot continue to take from the universe without giving back.

If you get the White House, it is like giving America a clean slate upon which to correct past wrongs, rebuild our credibility and reputation as a democratic nation, and regain the goodwill and status we enjoyed for centuries before George W. Bush stole the government and turned it into a mockery.  That is at high stakes here.  Your job is easy – you demonstrate just how Unfit For Duty John McCain really is.  You create campaign ads with Peggy Noonan on that Hot Mic, and run them until the rural voters get the message.  You partner with the National Enquirer to get the real dirt out if you have to.

You win this fight By Any Means Necessary.  That’s what the ReThugs have done and that’s why they continue to win.  They fight and they fight dirty.  Now, if you don’t want to do it, we in the Blogsphere are armed and ready to do battle; hell, we’re already doing battle because we expose the truth and we expose lies.  Even Black Republicans are ready to join the fight, because after last night, if they had any doubt that the Republicans don’t want them in their party and never did, as comedian Paul Mooney likes to say “They got their N-word Wake-Up Call” last night. Via Booker Rising:

“This is a strange time to be a Republican. Am I just supposed to be cool with all this? Should I now recalibrate my family values to adjust for this unfortunate mess? Is teen pregnancy now just a sign of ‘An American Family?’ Is the desire to secede from the United States now a sign of patriotism? What the hell is going on here? First of all, I don’t want to hear from anyone that ‘Sarah Palin’s family should be off limits’. This isn’t about Bristol Palin or Trig Palin or Earwax Palin or Mack Truck or whatever the hell the other ones are called. This is about the judgement, the beliefs and the managerial style of the woman who could be President of the United States. I see no reason to be polite. I think Palin’s decision to drag her daughter’s teen pregnancy into the international spotlight is not just ill-considered, it is morally bankrupt. And the story just gets creepier by the minute. So Bristol wasn’t pregnant last winter, but she is NOW? Did she get knocked up while she had mono? Was her mother so irresponsible that her daughter was having unprotected sex while bedridden with an infectious disease? Does this dude, who proclaimed not only that he doesn’t want kids but ‘Ya f – – – with me I’ll kick [your] ass’…really want to marry her? Are these the kinds of marriages that are supposed to build strong families? My head is spinning. I’m a Republican because this party supports my beliefs: personal accountability, family values, country first. But now that same party is telling me that while those things are still important, they don’t mean what I thought they meant….I never thought I’d say it, but my vote is on the line.

This choice is not aging like a fine wine, it’s molding like sour cream in the sun. DROP SARAH PALIN NOW. Send her back to Alaska and reclaim our values as conservatives and as Christians. A family is made up of a man and a woman who love each other, not a teenage girl and a douchebag, one of whom thinks she’s in love because she’s a child and the other who doesn’t give a rat’s ass because he only wants to ‘hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some s- – – and just f – – -in’ chill I guess.’ The fact that this poor girl has been forced by her mother to eschew birth control and then ‘take responsibility for the consequences’ is not good parenting. It’s f____g child abuse. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I love my country and my party, and both are swirling down the toilet in front of my eyes. John McCain, I’m giving you a do-over. Call Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Call Elizabeth Dole. Hell, call Olympia Snowe. But run from these rednecks like the plague. If we keep walking this path, the next State of the Union will involve a joint session of Congress screaming “Jer-ry! Jer-ry!”

Sounds like a N-Word Wake-Up to me. And you know they have woken up when they were the very ones coming on THIS BLOG to warn us off attacking Sarah Palin’s family.  Well, she brought her family into the fray, and I’m in agreement with the commenter; take the gloves off. Sarah Palin wants a fight; let’s see how she does if Joe Biden keeps his “Ride or Die” punaciouness when he debates her on October 2.  Biden needs his Triple-A game going into that contest because at this point, the ReThugs are gambling against some big-ass odds that they created. They have nothing more to lose, and they are going to fight like they have nothing to lose. And, since she’s “so tough”, Biden better treat her like he would treat a man – see if she’s like a Timex watch – can she take a licking and keep on ticking?

They expect to lose Senate and House seats and have the Democrats increase their majorities in Congress.  They expect not to have the opportunity to put another wingnut on the Supreme Court because even if they get the White House, they’re going to have to deal with a Democratic Majority who can block and tie up shyt for the entire first term, unless you have in-the-closet Liebermans running around on the Hill.

Stop reacting and become more proactive.  Take the fight to these jackasses and let them know you are not going to go quietly into that good night and when you land your punches and they start whining about how you’re not “being nice”, you’d better practice asking them if they “want more cheese with their whine” before you finish them off.

Politics is not a spectator sport for the participants, and it is not for the squeamish, either.  Time to go “South-Side/Wilmington” on their asses and right now, because we in the Blogsphere are locked, loaded and ready for action, and most of all, WE HAVE YOUR BACKS.

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