Now that its confirmed that McCain’s VP candidate has a teenaged pregnant daughter, I will go on record and say that this development is not a cause for celebration, or jubilation, and yes, I’m fully aware of the hypocracy of it all.

What I want to flush out is the DOUBLE STANDARD in this political campaign.

For the last year, I’ve watched Senator Barack Obama run a campaign equivalent to guarding Fort Knox, and yet, the Mainstream Media would rather continue to pick on him, his friends (face it, he’s losing them because every time the media digs up something stupid or controversial they say, he gets rid of them), his wife and family because of the obvious.

Yet, Senator John McCain; his drug-addict heiress wife, their many homes upon which no taxes were being paid until it was exposed in the media; the hiding out of their Bangladeshi daughter like she was dirty laundry; the demise of McCain’s first family and wife so he could marry the heiress who claims she is an only child – while there are three women who are biologically related to her – ALL OF THIS GETS A FREE PASS IN THE MEDIA.

Can we have a discussion about THE DOUBLE STANDARD, please?  Screw equality; what passes for the Mainstream Media has sailed long past being equal, and in many instances, it is THEY who are driving the political elections, and not the we, the people, who get to vote and allegedly make the decision as to who will lead this country.  You know when its the National Enquirer that’s still being counted on to do old-fashioned investigative reporting, and it’s the Daily Show and blogs that gives us our news, we have arrived in Orwellian times.

We have been given all factual evidence as to who will be the best person to lead this country, and the media would rather ignore that in favor of waxing hysteria when Barack Obama even steps on a crack in the sidewalk – but if we see McCain with a crack pipe in his mouth, the media will spin an convenient excuse.

I am sorry for any child of a politician because they didn’t sign on for their parent’s ambition to run for elected office.  Not only does that include Malia and Sasha Obama, but that includes Bristol, Willow, Piper, Track and now, baby Trig Palin; as well as includes Bridget McCain.

But I am compelled to point out that the ReThugs started the mess of bringing children into the mix of political contests, starting with Rush Limbaugh’s attack on a twelve year old Chelsea Clinton.

Follow that up with McCain’s own jokes regarding Chelsea:

John McCain made this odious joke about Chelsea Clinton back in ‘98.

Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno.”

Sen. John McCain, speaking to a Republican dinner, June 1998.

I will be the first to agree that the children should be off limits on both sides of the aisle.  But, My God, I’m fast getting tired of the expectation that the Democrats play by the rules when the ReThugs continue to demonstrate their approach to a political election is worthy of Malcolm X, “By Any Means Necessary.”

I want to discuss the DOUBLE STANDARD – you know; the one where if Bristol Palin was Malia Obama, the media would be all over how Barack and Michelle Obama are incompetent parents who taught Malia loose morals.  While I am happy that the Palin family is supporting Bristol, and they should, let’s not allow the waxing poetic of what warm family values this represents.  Sarah Palin is a woman added to McCain’s ticket that points to her five children as a virtue of being pro-life; but what gives her the right to tell me what to do with my reproductive organs?

I want to talk about the DOUBLE STANDARD – you know; that one where Mary Cheney, lesbian daughter of Dead-Eye Dick Cheney, is allowed to live freely and openly with her partner, Heather Poe, and even is allowed to procreate; while the administration her father serves in (hell, operates and runs since 2001) is busy outlawing gay marriage and making it illegal for gay people to become parents through adoption or artificial insemination.  And the media has gone silent on her, and all the ReThugs outed from their comfortable closets, preaching on the vileness of being gay, and yet engaging in what is considered in many circles, a depraved lifestyle.  But with the exception of Mark Foley, many of these SOBs are still holding public office; but $80 million dollars in taxpayer money was spent on publicly humiliating Bill Clinton for a blow job.

I want to talk about the DOUBLE STANDARD – you know, the one where for all the above-board way Obama has campaigned, he’s still called arrogant, self-serving; a celebrity, vainglorious – you name it, he got called it.  Yet, the fact that McCain’s choice for the VP ticket is carrying so much baggage, she would get charged to check them on American Airlines; the abject failure to vet this woman and select her over many more qualified female candidates like Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Christie Todd Whitman, Olympia Snowe, is speaking loudly to mock Affirmative Action concepts; the MSM spent all day yesterday waxing poetic on what a good choice Sarah Palin is.  Dammit, if anything, if Cronkite and the late Tim Russert were on the scene, someone would be calling bullshyt on this choice and calling it loudly, and especially decrying McCain’s failure to pass a very important Commander-In-Chief test – who do you trust to be put in charge in case something happens to YOU?

McCain failed that test – and it’s being hailed as a Super Bowl touchdown.

Get the hell out of here with that.

There are so many warnings about how Obama has to watch his step; at this stage in the game, I doubt very seriously he will step wrong now, and he is doing wise to stay out of the fray regarding Bristol Palin.  Hell, I hope he had a talk with “Ride or Die” Joe Biden on this subject, because while I like Joe’s Ride or Die-style, he has been known to occasionally eat his foot, too.

I want to talk about the DOUBLE STANDARD.  We may even have to call it the QUADRUPLE STANDARD, but, damn, I’m really getting tired of having to hold my tongue while getting shot at, and so should we all, those of us who advocate for fairness and accuracy in reporting, at least.

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